I have installed jbuilder foundation on my ibook g4 (tiger) and there seemed to be no problems with the installation but when I double click the jbuilder icon it appears in the dock, bounces a couple of times and then after a few second dissapears. I have reinstalled a few times but it is the same everytime. Am brand new to apple and was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem with jbuilder or is it just me???
What version of OS X and what version of Java are you using?

I had this problem a year ago or more with Panther... somehow my Java subsystem wasn't functioning properly and a reinstall of the OS fixed it... I know that's dramatic, so with few more details from you we'll try to avoid that!
I actually just solved this problem yesterday. It was all down to the version of jbuilder I had downloaded. I first got Jbuilder foundation X but found out that I had to get JBuilder foundation 2005. It works perfectly now.