Jerky Windows Media vid


I'm considering buying a new iBook, but I'm afraid it won't let me do what I want to do. I look at a lot of web pages that use windows media player to stream video. The websites all work perfectly on PCs, but when I go to the Apple store and try them on OSX (using Safari) all I get is jerky video playback with horrible sound... if I'm lucky.

I asked an Apple store employee and all they could tell me is Microsoft makes horrible software. While that's all good and true, I still have no other option for playing the videos. Any suggestions for how I can view them cleanly? Or is it impossible?


The Late: SuperMacMod
Some video will play and some won't on a Mac. You just take your chances. If you need to be able to watch any/all videos on WMP, don't buy a Mac, because a lot won't work. is an example.


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Yep two factors will stall windows Media player for Mac. first is Microsoft has yet to release a Media player (for Mac) that will handle the new encrypted scheme for Windows Media Player only! Second is poor web designing. Certain web sites do not follow good html rules. They use web design software that will render ONLY for a certain level of Internet Explorer. Even an alternate Windows browsers will not render the site. Plus some of the web sites just lock down the site to be only viewed by I.E users.