Jumper Settings G4 AGP


I'm restoring a G4 AGP graphics Graphite. It had two drives an 80 gig and a 40 gig. I installed OS 10.4.5 on the 80 gig. OS 10.4.4 was working from the 80 gig. I installed a Classic 9 on the 40 gig. It was working too. The 80 gig had no jumper. The 40 gig has a jumper on the 'cable select' pins. The Graphite G4 was working in this configuration.
I don't want to keep the Zip disk drive. I bought a Seagate IDE 160 gig drive to be the main drive and run OS 10.4. I want to move the 80 gig to the second position in the drive sled. I want to put the 40 gig where the Zip drive was.
The Seagate 160G is an 8 in jumper connections. The 80G is a 10 pin. And the 40G is a 10 pin. The CD/DVD drive is a 10 pin and it has a jumper in the center at the Dual (Master) position.
How do I jumper this configuration? Can I keep the 10pin 40g in the zip drive position? Or should I just leave it out?
Bill G


The CD/DVD drive and the Zip connection are on the same bus. If you want a hard drive in the Zip connector, then the CD would need to be set for Master, and the hard drive (in the Zip position) would be set as Slave.
Cable select should work for the other 2 hard drives, or set one as Master, and the other as Slave. Position should not matter, as long as one is Master and the other is set for Slave.
If the jumper positions are not obvious to you-- search for each hard drive model number, including something like "jumper settings".
So something like "Seagate ST3160023A 160GB jumper settings" (or whatever the model number is on your drive label), should give results that you can use. I like making a chart :) for the jumper settings that you might find.
Good luck, the IDE drives are sort of moving into history, and some of the sites, where I used to find that info, are not as easy to find now.


DeltaMac - Thanks for the heads up. I am running the 160 G and the 80 G drives. The CD/DVD drive is running. When I get the jumpers tomorrow, I'll add the 40 G, as per your instructions.