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Lucky 7. You win!!
Do I win any help?
I saw that you have an 80 GB backup disk. Is this a Maxtor by any chance? I cannot seem to mount it under MacOS X. It only sees the disk if I unplug the FW cable while hot. Then the OS tries to initialize without any luck. It thinks that the disk is 2.5 TB (is this a maxsize variable?) Drive Setup just hangs.

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Lucky 7. You win!!
Yes it is a Maxtor, but its an internal ide ata model. If your having trouble with firewire you may want to send Apple some feedback on it.

Sorry I can't help:(,
I'd just like to say my maxtor firewire 40G is working fine w/ OSX. That is, as long as it's on and plugged in at startup, and I leave it like that.
Is your drive external?
Did you format it with OS X or under os 9.1?

I am thinking of erasing the drive and then trying to create two dos partitions and then seeing if OS X can recognize it and initialize it then.
This is such a bummer, I don't want to loose 80 Gigs of space.

I am also thinking of setting up a second box that is OS X/ 9.1 and leaving the first machien as a 9.1 workhorse.

I would use a KVM switch if that is possible under MacOS X.
Perhaps I could share the disk through the 9.1 machine.
Anybody know?

My drive was formatted using Maxtor's dive utility thing on the driver CD in MacOS 9.0.4, and it was my primary drive which I was booting off of to keep my internal drive free and ready for X. I have MacOS 9.1 on it, and having it bootable like that may be why it works so easily in X, I don't know. I count myself lucky not to have the many problems facing so many other new X users. Booting into 9.1, then installing 9.1 on the Maxtor drive (with its own driver extensions installed, of course). Or do what I did-copy your system folder over to it. either way, make 9.1's Startup Disk see it as a valid startup disk. Make sure it works, then try starting up in X. See if that helps.