Keeping my powerbook secure


Hi Guys,

I am new to mac and changed service providers too to Earthlink. I want to keep non mac stuff on my computer to a minimum, should I install the disk that came with earthlink? It has a spamblocker and free anti-virus software (currently have neither) but not sure I really need it. I am being paranoid because I got hacked into a few times and now want to be really careful. I hate PCs lol!

Any advice/suggestions greatly appreciated!


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I doubt that the spam blocker and anti-virus are Macintos-compatible.

If the internet runs fine without the disk, I would say don't install anything from it.


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Spam blocking and antivirus software, in my opinion, should be _definitely_ done on the mail server. It sure helps if the E-Mail client adds another layer with another spam filter, but I really think the way-to-go should be to do those things on the server.

Software from internet providers are there to give the newbie the warm, fuzzy feeling that the provider makes it as easy as possible to get connected to the internet. However, Apple has already taken care of that with an easy-enough internet connection setup. Additional software can only add confusion or - worse - problems.