Kernel Panics, CD Drive won't open, etc


I'm a newbie at Mac. I grew up using Windows (from 3.1 through XP) . I bought my first eMac on August 1st. Doesn't take long to get in trouble, does it? ;) I'm getting desperate!

My problems started a few days ago and I have no idea what started it.

1) When the computer wakes from sleep, I get a Kernal Panic.

2) When I tell the computer to restart or shut down, it goes to a screen with my wallpaper and little progress circle meter thing and hangs.

3) When I insert a cd in the drive it won't recognize it until I reboot..and I can't reboot now!! I can't get the darned tthing open now.

4) If my typing looks awful it's because I can't see all that I'm typing, I don't know how to describe it. The cursor displays several letters back from what I've typed and doesn't backspace properly.

5) I've tried opening disk utility. It starts 'gathering ssystem information' and hangs. Force quit follows.

6) When AOL starts, the keychain access has started asking me if I should allow it to access the keychain..I tell it to 'always allow' but it keeps asking.

I would like to make a burn disc of my files and reinstall the system..but obviously I can't. Like I said, I'm desperate. :\


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First of all, don't panic. There might be something going on. You can try to fix this if you follow some steps.

1. To get the CD out, shut the Mac off. Hold down the mouse key and then boot the Mac, while holding down the mouse key because this will tell the Mac to spit out the CD during the boot process.

2. Next I hope you have an OS X install disk. If you do, insert that and reboot with the "Option key" pressed down. After a minute a window will come up asking you to choose what to boot with. Select the OS X Install disk. When the Mac boots the OS X install disk, don't start the reinstall. Instead first try to select the Finder menu and open Disk Utility on the install disk (from the Finder menu on the install disk). Then with Disk Utility highlight your hard drive and the click both Repair Disk and Repair Permissions. After they finish, reboot the Mac and see if anything was fixed.

Good Luck.


Before you answered, I found a page on 'resolving kernel panics' and decided to take a stab at the steps. Did manage to get my cd drive open, and inserted the TechToolDeluxe disc that came with my AppleCare agreement (it wouldn't run either on the computer during regular running). It scanned my computer, and everything came out fine except for the 'Volume Structure' which brought back an "error=92". I allowed it to repair the volume and write it to I can't get the darned thing booted up. It goes to the white Apple screen and gives me the "restart" in 4 languages.

I did get it to verbose start. (see attachment)



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I hope your your OSD X is panther or before. I say this because the current TechTool Deluxe is not compatible with Tiger yet. I want you to try a Unix style fixing mode that might help. So follow these instructions:

1. Power you Mac down all the way. Then start your Mac holding down the Command button+the Option button+O+F (all at the same time. Hold these buttons down until you see a gray screen come up. This will be the Open firmware mode.

2. At the first prompt, type: reset-nvram

3. Press the Return button. This will return you to a prompt.

4. Then type: reset-all

5. Press the Return key again. This will cause you Mac to reboot.

Now if that does not help, try these steps for going into Single User Mode:

1. Startup you Mac holding hold down the Command button+S. This will cause you Mac to display a black window so wait until you get a prompt you can type at.

2. When the prompt comes up type: fsck -y

3. This will check your hardware and run some test and try to fix problems. If errors come back (after it gives you a prompt again) try the fsck -y command again. If errors still come back after the second time, you have some huge problems. Oh, by the way, after running the fsck -y command(s) at the prompt type: reboot . This will cause you Mac to boot back normal. Good Luck.