I have a Mac OS X iBook G4, which has been working perfectly fine so far. However, yesterday my "n" key stopped working. Strangely, I can still type capital "N," but not lower-case (I use a cut-and-pasted "n" to make this). Putting it into caps lock doesn't help, and I can still alt-n. I suspect it might be something I messed with on my keyboard preferences, since the key hasn't stopped working completely. Also, when I open IE and hit the key, my "voice" feature reads the title of my home page, and "Edit" appears to flicker. I searched through the System Preferences, but can't find anywhere that would cause this. Did I accidentally hit something? How do I fix it? Thanks very much,

Did you accidentally turn a hotkey into the 'n' character? Have a look through System Preferences > Keyboard & Mouse > Keyboard Shortcuts.

Also, do you have any QuicKeys software or keyboard shortcut software installed?
I tried archive aNd iNstall OS X Tiger from my system disk. I did type iN word ad had word tools correct my N's for pastiNg iN emails. I hope someoNe out there kNows what to do.
I found an answer to my n key problem. The speech section of the systems preferences panel had a selection entitled select key for text to talk. In my case the N was the only thing in the selction box. When I replaced it with command+N the lower case n became functional again. Yeah! RCT