Konfabulator free, purchased by Yahoo!

I've seen some people that do, mostly because they want widgets on their desktop. I think this is awesome news to a lot of my PC using friends, and probably me too once I get my PC hooked up to my network. (Ethernet card fried)
Its awesome news for the Panther users too. I'm going to Download it right now. (I always liked Konfabulator better then the Dashboard)
Yeah -- keeping a constant eye on the weather or a stock ticker all the time (using Konfabulator), and then having stuff you need handy but not available all the time like a calculator or Google map search (using Dashboard) is a nifty idea.

I'm interested to see what kind of Yahoo-specific modifications (both good and bad) are made in future versions. Will they include Yahoo ads? Unwanted paid advertising like banner ads? Better integration with Yahoo services? More developers? More talented developers? Less talented developers?
There's freeware that lets you have Dashboard widgets in the background constantly. Don't remember its name, use VT or MU... And there's also been free widgetry software for PCs before Konfabulator. Konfabulator is a resource hog (on the PC and the Mac...), I don't think Yahoo will do anything really successful with it.
Oh, guess I've used a beta version a while ago, then. Actually, I found it had some bugs back then, but I also found that I didn't really have a need for it, anyway - thus I uninstalled it.

I think weather information, for example, should be integrated into other applications. Perfect for me would be: A menubar icon showing the current weather and temperature (I know, exists already...) and the forecasts could be implemented in iCal. There I could have week view and it'd show me my appointments as well as icons of what the weather's going to be like. That'd be nice. (Agendus 9 and up for PalmOS does that quite nicely...)
Despite the negative comments, I'm pleased. I've got it working and all the widgets I like all running nicely on my mini with Panther. I did think about getting Tiger - for the widgets if nothing else, now I won't bother. Good news!
This Konfabulator news is good for those of us who are not yet using Tiger. Thanks for the post, I wouldn't have known otherwise.
I was always fascinated with Konfabulator, but for its convenience, I didn't know that I wanted to spend $20 on it. Then Dashboard came along, and I became a widget junkie. But I was still sad that I couldn't have them hanging around. Then I was happy that Amnesty let them hang around my desktop. Then they started charging money for Amnesty. Then Yahoo! bought Konfabulator and started making it free.

Now I'm using Konfabulator. Funny how things come full circle, eh?