Leopard 10.5.4 to windows server slow


We have upgraded all our Macs and have bought 3 Brand spanking new IMACs running Leopard 10.5.4. We store all our work in a common server - the server is a windows 2003 server.

We have had no problems connecting or accessing folders but the speed at which it does this is VERY VERY slow - too slow to make day to day work possible.

When you double click on a folder on the server it takes its sweet time about opening.

When you copy from or to the server it takes AGES to even bring up the copying window.

A 2mb file can take up 10 mins to transfer!

When we got these we installed the Service Pack 2 onto the Windows server, rebuilt the Mac volume and rebooted the server.

Here's the stinger - My old mac (G4PPC - running 10.3.9) zips in and out of the same files and same server without any delay issues

PUUULLEEEEZZZ some one help me - I love my new 24inch Imac and don't want to send it back.....



I have the excact same problem as you man, it´s was almost funny to read your post, the symptoms are that similar.

I have not found any solution to this yet, so if you have please send me a mail, private message or something.

I actually tried the same windows server on a macbook air and it was very fast, but not my trusy old macbook.


Ya, I get that too. Any time I come out of sleep mode, I lose 1 bar on the airport meter and get dial-up speed. If I turn off airport for 5 seconds then turn it back on, I'm back at 4-5Mbps. Sounds like a bug.


Exact same problem here. Anybody have a solution?

Our MacOs 9 machine that we keep around for searching with Sherlock has no problems with either the Windows 2000 server or the Windows 2003 server that the 3 Macs running 10.5.7 have the problem with.

Additionally, I have this problem whether I log in using AFP or SMB.

I can only hope that with 10.6 being released in a few days, our suffering will come to an end...