True. But it was an obvious choice.

Because what else is there. Weve already had Puma (OS X 10.1), Jaguar (OS X 10.2), Panther (OS X 10.3), and Tiger (OS X 10.4)...

And now after Leopard (OS X 10.5) we are left with;
> Cheetah
> Ocelot
> Serval
> Lynx (my personal bet for OS X 10.6 - if there is one.)
> Cougar

Unless Apple gets tricky and uses names taken from the medium-big cats, which could give us;
> Margay
> Marbled Cat
> Guigna Cat
> African Golden Cat
> Fishing Cat
> Caracal
> Andean Mountain Cat
(Which lets face it - just ain't going to happen!)

Anyway, what kind of Leopard is it?
> Asian Leopard Cat
> Clouded Leopard
> Snow Leopard
> (or just) Leopard

tumbleguts said:
True. But it was an obvious choice.

And now after Leopard (OS X 10.5) we are left with;
> Cheetah

We already had Cheetah.

I think they chose wild cat names because many of those animals are very elegant. Like the tiger. Or panther. I like the choice of names. It's much better and simpler than "Longhorn" (-> Windows after XP). Trivia: Longhorn is the name of a ski mountain that's close to the Microsoft development headquarters.
Or "Whistler" (-> Windows XP's code name).
btw, Cheetah was already used, for 10.0. Although until Jaguar, these names were really just used internally by Apple, and by us nerds in the know. :)

Personally, I think Cougar would make a perfectly good name. Lynx sounds good, but is already taken by the bare-bones, text-only web browser — which is not something you'd want to be associated with a cutting-edge OS.
Cow Loon said:
is an unfortunate choice of names for an operating system.
Not withstanding your poor attempt at spelling it, could you elaborate as to why it's "an unfortunate choice"?

It's logical, consistent with the naming convention and indicative of the Mac changing to Intel, or the 'leopard changing it's spots' as the saying goes.
a leper is someone with leprosy (leprosy being a disease with roots in the biblical ages, which causes muscle and skin tissue to degrade and fall off, sometimes causing entire limbs to fall off. it's horrific). therefore, to be lepered, or one of the lepered is to contract leprosy.

Steve Jobs: I hope everyone get's lepered, at least by the end of the year!
If you don't like "leopard" as a name, do as I do and call it 10.5 instead.
umm - sorry... yeah, Cheetah was the first (Mac OS X 10.0).

Well that leaves us 4 'big cat' names left;
> Ocelot
> Serval
> Lynx
> Cougar

Cougar's a great name - but in Australia it's a type of Bourbon!

Judging by the lack of names do you think OS X 10.5 Leopard might be the last (or second last) in the OS X series??? After Leopard it might be time for Mac OS 11!
Just thinking...
What about "10.5"? ... I just want to state that I find the cat names really not important.
fryke said:
What about "10.5"? ... I just want to state that I find the cat names really not important.
I think it's important for Apple to have a catchy, more marketing-friendly name than just a number. Version numbers are boring, and just don't go over real well with consumers. Futhermore, Apple's trend of inching along with .1 updates, which used to be sensibly reserved for minor (free!) updates makes the difference between the versions seem much smaller than it really is. It's really a marketing nightmare. Just hearing "10.2", "10.3", "10.4", most people would assume they're really the same thing, not MAJOR revisions like they are.

Windows' names have always been dumb, but they're still better than version numbers. And definitely better than barely-changing version numbers like OS X's.

We've got 10.5 Leopard, then quite possibly 10.6 Cougar and 10.7 Lion. After that, I really think they'll need to change themes. I liked Apple's old musical theme in the OS 8 days, although they were always just codenames. I think they could get away with using musical terms again. I also think musical terms could be very marketable. Although...it might seem too iPod-related, which could be bad.
fryke said:
What about "10.5"? ... I just want to state that I find the cat names really not important.
You have already. :rolleyes:

It's a bit childish I think. "No, I don't like it!! NO, I won't call it Leopard! NOO!!! I want to spout off a string of trekkie numbers instead!!! boo-hoo!!" :p

It's just a name, they use cat names, Leopard is a cat. It's a valid name, Christ! I can't believe I'm wasting energy even replying on this one! Deal with it and move on! We have a more pressing issue, like moving to Intel and the potential decline of the platform, rather than pussy cats :D

So, Cow Loon! Are you going to tell us what the problem is with the name? Why it's an unfortunate choice?
What Cow Loon meant -obviously- was that it sounded like something to do with leprosy.
Detail: When browsing the iTMS podcast thing in the keynote, Jobs left the image on a Def Leppard cover for some time ... just something I noticed ... :)
You also have scimitar, sabertooth, bobcat., and the tasmanian tiger(open wide). I wonder if they actually wanted to use leopard instead of tiger for 10.4 but weren't qute ready for the switch. What if Leopard is the last beacuse the spots have changed. So, once they switch to another animal the mouses tail will be caught and we will have a two button mouse in 2008.(can't wait)