Less than 2 hour movie doesn't fit one DVD-R



I am working on a movie project in iMovie HD. The movie is less than 2 hours but when I try to burrn it to DVD-R, iDVD request double layer.

I tried DVD+R DL but it does not work on any of my DVD machines.

How do I get iMovie to compress the final output to fit on one DVD-R without having to burn to DVD+R DL -- they are too expensive still, anyway.



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Your project file is probably larger than 4.7GB, so it won't fit on a single-layer DVD-R disk. Check the size of your project file (do a "Get Info" on the project file) -- just because the movie is less than 2 hours long doesn't mean that there's not more than 4.7GB of data making up that project.


Thanks for your answer. The "Get Info" on the project showed a size of 3.81 GB, yet, the iDVD was requesting Double Layer DVD to accommodate the movie.

FYI: I found an answer. By changing the options in iDVD Preferences from Best Performance to Best Quality made it possible to burn the same project to 4.7GB DVD-R (single layer) DVD.

Thanks anyway.


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If we're talking HD, then it's quite clear why a "less than 2h" movie can take up this much space...