Lion Mail/System Settings Buggy


After my laptop died (under warranty) the other day, I was presented with a new MacBook Pro 15".

Great - couldn't have asked for more.

However, after leaving my backup disk with the guys at the Genius Bar and getting my new beauty home, I notice a few things:

1. I can't change the font or size of font in
- Try as I might, the usual settings under "Font & Colors" doesn't allow me to budge from the default settings.

2. When trying to change default account settings (prompted to enter admin password), the prompt is half in German/half in English. I work with German and two other languages, so can't really dump this. This was never a problem under Snow Leopard.

3. Shortcut key setting under System Preferences/Keyboard for the services I created some times work, other times not. Particularly any AppleScript "macros" that I've set up for Word seem to work right once, maybe twice and then (regardless of the "macro") it just opens a "save as" window. This problem does not happen if I manually choose Word/Services/"macro". In such a case it works as expected.

4. The "Library" directory is not visible under my home directory. I've had to create an alias to be able to access this.

Are any of these known issues for Lion? I've not found anything on Google, but that doesn't say a lot.

I'd like to know before I drive another 25 miles round trip to my local store (5th time in 4 weeks) to try to sort this out.




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The Home Library is something Apple hidden in Lion. Just click on the Desktop, hold down the 'option/alt' key and click the menu item "Go". Then select Library. When the Library opens just drag the whole Library folder to you side bar in the open /finder window. Then it will be always in your sidebar.

Now first there was the fine 10.7: Un-hide the User Library folder. However this would be undone after each OS X Lion point upgrade. Then came another hint 10.7: Quickly unhide the User Library improved.

I think my Finder sidebar hint might be the best way of always having access to your Library folder through all the point upgrades.

Next you font issues just might be font cache. Have you cleared your font cache lately? ( I use Yasu to clear my caches, including font cache).

One more thing: In Lion's Mail just highlight a message then use the keyboard combination: command button + t . This will bring up the font chooser. See if that helps in Mail.
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Thanks, Satcomer.

All very good suggestions. In particular I'm very happy I can now adjust my font size in; was way too small before.

Can't figure out what's going on with the half English/half German thing, but it's not a show stopper. I'll go back to my local Apple Store when I have some time and see if they can help me resolve it.

Much appreciated,