lldp on a mac


I have a macbook as work computer and need lldp to see switch name port number and vlan what software should i use. wireshark cant be used.. this is blocked ... i know windows there is a super program https: // www .hanewin.net / LLDP-e.htm what to use on a mac ?

this one I've tried but can't make it run ... it tries to start and then closes again
I have not found other programs that might be used
hmm... CDP and LLDP are similar protocols.


I think Wireshark is really the way to go.
If your business has an IT person, (and assuming you have a valid business need for that kind of detection on your network) - have you tried to get wireshark "un-blocked?
(If your IT folks have any talent at all, I suspect that attempts to snoop around those types of protocols will simply be blocked, anyway)
I try to work on the matter and try to get the colleagues to open for wireshark in our system .. for it is not easy to take care of my work when I can't make it work / thank you for the help