Loading everything from Time Machine


My old G5, Dual 2.5GHz Power PC has been playing up of late, but a friend who owns a graphics company has a G5 Quad he's letting me have. Everything, applications, work, etc., is backed up on Time Machine so I'm hoping I can load everything from there onto the cleaned G5 and use it. How exactly would I go about this? I can see I'd have to locate the external drive in Time Machine on the new Mac, but what then?


You could transfer everything from the old Time Machine backup, using your Migration Assistant in the newer Mac (in the Applications /Utilities folder)

Or - assuming that the older hard drive is not having problems - you could simply remove your hard drive from the old G5, and move the hard drive to the newer G5. That would just move everything, as is, with the hard drive. No file transfer needed at all.
Again, you would need to be pretty confident that the hard drive, from an 8 or nine year old computer, is in good shape.


Thanks for your advice, I think I'll transfer via migration assistant as the new Mac will be all round better spec. Then I can clean the old one and figure what to do with it. I remember I transferred everything when I brought my present Mac from an older machine, having had a quick look I see I just need to select Time Machine
Thanks again.