Locked files


I tried doing a backup of my external HDD, which is what my iTunes library operates from. I recently backed it up successfully, but right now it is telling me that I do not have sufficient privileges. Looking through the library, I now have a number of locked folders that were not locked before, just a couple of weeks ago. Also, my backup drive is now missing all artists after "Ou", and I have no idea why a drive that has not been plugged in and only used once for a backup is missing so many folders.

Anyway, in order to copy to the backup, I have to unlock all of these folders. Keep in mind, my music library exceeds 100,000 tracks and would take forever to check each and every folder and subfolder. Is there any way of finding out which folders are locked on a simply query, and how is it that my folders are locking themselves without my prompt, and without anyone else using my system?

My system is a regular MacBook. It is just over 4 years old and operating on its original OS, which I believe is Leopard. I have had a number of issues pertaining to my library in the past year, which includes a family member visiting who knocked over my external drive which broke it, and once almost all of the recoup from that incident had been done, my daughter spilled pineapple juice on my MacBook, which didn't break the laptop, but did fry the external drive on its very next startup. I am trying to be extremely cautious about my collection, and need to make a backup rather quickly, as the previous backup has erased half to a third of itself.

First on your desktop highlight the mounted (on the desktop) drive and then on your keyboard hold down the command key+i. The permission sub-menu will pop-up and you can change permission on any file/drive that way.

How is this external formatted?