Locked Inbox And Outbox


Just opened my mail and the following message came up.

"The mailbox “~/Library/Mail/POP-smb@pop.inch.com/INBOX.mbox” is currently locked by “Steven Blinn” on host “steven-blinn.local”. If you open a mailbox that already is in use, you may damage its contents."

I did a Read Only and all my messages appeared. I can open the messages in my Inbox and Outbox. However, when it comes to receiving new mail I can't.

Under "Get Info" the following appears...
Ownership & Permissions: You Can...Read & Write
Details: Owner: XYZ, Access: Read & Write, Group: XYZ, Access: No Access, Others: No Access

Any sugestions on how to correct this problem would be appreciated.



U.S.D.A. Prime
Repairing permissions probably won't work, since permissions in your home folder are not repaired during that process.

Please provide specifics about your setup: hardware, software, versions, recent modifications/installations to the system, etc. Your description is too vague, and can only warrant equally vague answers. We don't even know what version of OS X you're running.

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