Log-on Password Not Recognized On Some Instances


My log-0n password is not recognized in some forms.
To log-on to computer on start-up: OK
To set up options in Log-on: NO
To log on from other computer on LAN: NO
To allow update/new software : ok
To set/change admin : NO
I reset from DVD Boot and put in the SAME password to allow my present log-on, yet other functions still do not work for this password.

G5 1.8GHz OSX 10.3.9
This is in the third new reset of System folders.
I am only user.

level of savvy--
kind of medium in OSX/advanced in previous OS's


In Geostationary Orbit
I had this problem also at one time. I was able to fix my problem by three steps:

1. Look into your System Preferences (in your Doc) and select 'Accounts'. In 'Accounts' select your accounts and change the password to something different than what you have ever used before (this will be temporary).

2. Log out and try that NEW password upon logging in.. When (and if) it works (after logging in). Upon a successful log in then repeat changing your password but change it back to what you want it to be.

3. Log out and log back in with that new-old password you want to use.