longer file names?


Does anyone know if MacOS X will support (or if public beta does) longer file names? It would be sad if Windows had longer file names than OS X!
Any idea file names are getting cut off for files sitting on the desktop?

If you use the inspector, you can see the whole name, but the file name that sits under the icon in the desktop gets trimmed!
Can Mac OS X read a Windows 98 extended CD written in Joliet format (long files name) be read correctly with file names above 31 characters? And over a network? The is REALLY important to me because I have a 1.5 gigs of MP3's on my PC and I want to go to all mac (I have an iMac and am getting a Cube) and the file names are really long for alot of them. This is the ONLY thing that is keeping me from dumping wintel totally. I need to copy over all my content and I don't want to rename over 300 files.
Allright, these are filesystems installed on Mac OS X Beta:

AppleShare (not working too well)
cddafs.fs (not too great-- audio CD)

I am sure Joliet and other stuff are going to be supported as soon as Apple's Dev. tools in October are out.
I don't have a chance to test it right now, but the comments in the cd9660 filesystem code seem to indicate support. I believe I've seen RockRidge extension support, but not expressly Joliet. For that matter, I don't remember the difference between the two.

Also, there seem to be multiple Joliet standards, and some CD's might not adhere to the standards properly.

Joliet is the extended file information used for Windows in ISO 9660, including such things as long filenames. RockRidge os the extended file information used for Unix in ISO 9660. Support for both of these would be useful.
If the original poster is in a comparison match of "mine's longer than your's" with Windows filenames do remember that Windows filenames have a 255 character limit for the entire path.

So if you have a penchant for verbose filenames or very deep filing systems for better organization, this 255 character limitation may hit you hard. For most people, it's a non-issue as are filenames with more than say 50 characters.