Loss of Broadband



I have an odd problem. If I need to restart my G4 for any reason, I lose my broadband Internet connection. While I can still network to other machines in the office, I can't get e-mail or get on the Internet. The only way I can get the connection back is to shut down my computer and let it sit for 45 minutes or an hour. Needless to say, my bosses aren't happy when I do that, as it leaves me sitting for 45 minutes or an hour with nothing to do.

Occasionally, I will have this problem on my initial startup in the morning as well. Usually on Mondays for some reason.

I have zapped the PRAM, deleted /Library/Preferences/com.apple.PowerManagement.plist, ran Jaguar Cache Cleaner to flush the cache, physically unplugged the computer for a while, played with the hub, toyed with the router, restarted the server... All to no avail.

I'm running 10.3.9 on a G4. None of the other machines in the office have this problem... If anyone has any suggestions, I'd sure be grateful!
First of all, I don't think running Jaguar Cache Cleaner on a Panther system is a very good idea! I do believe there is a Panther Cache Cleaner update, which would be more safe to use.

Can you give us some details about your network so we can try to troubleshoot the problem? Simply saying that restarting makes you lose your connection doesn't give us much to go on... are you behind a firewall? Router? What model of Mac? What kind of broadband? Static IPs, DHCP, PPPoE?

It sounds like an IP address issue -- some IP leases time out after an hour or so, so that would likely be why you have to shut down for 45 minutes or so and let the lease expire... but that's just guessing.