lost orig invoice, selling G5, serial number displays correct purchase date...


I took my G5 in for warranty service a while ago and I think they must have retained my invoice. So, I have no proof of purchase and am about to sell my desktop. I want to make sure the new purchaser can use the 42 days of warranty remaining and purchase applecare.

Aside from creating my own bill of sale, what can I do to recreate an invoice or satisfy apple's requirements quickly?


You can check at the Apple web site. Go to the support page, and enter your serial number in the 'About Your Apple Product' section. The info displayed there is Apple's record of your system, with an approximate date of purchase. If yours is significantly different, then you will need to get a proof of purchase from the original place of purchase. If it was directly from Apple, then call 1-800-my-apple and explain what you need. They would be able to help you with that.