Mac Book Pro Only Opening In Safe Mode And Wont Accept Passwords Because Its Locked In Caps Mode. He

Duncan Woods

My Mac Book Pro is only launching in Safe Boot Mode and I cant fix it because it wont accept any passwords as the keyboard is locked in Caps mode. Have verified and first aided everything, but still not working. Help
What version of OS X do you have?
When did your problem first happen? Had you just installed an update, or maybe some new software?
Can you boot into the recovery system? (Restart holding Command-R)
If you can get to the recovery system, you can reinstall OS X.
I have mac book pro of version OS X 10.11.5... when i opened up a week before it didnt accept the valid password and i changed it by following a video and i was able to log in... but when i try to choose a folder in the middle, every folder before that got chosen... i tried restating it many a times without pressing any keys and even tried PRAM test... nothing works out... i cant reinstall OS X as i am not able to access my apple id since everything i type is in caps... i dont hv any startup items too... what to do now...??
Sounds like your shift key is stuck.
Tap your shift key (both of them) with pretty firm taps. Maybe that will release the key so you can use your MBPro.

If you can actually get to your desktop, and open System Preferences, then the Keyboard pref pane.
Click Show Keyboard and Emoji viewers in menu bar. Not sure if that is the same in El Capitan, so you may need to look in another pane. Maybe in Keyboard/Input Sources. There will be a selection to show the keyboard viewer.
Click the viewer in the menubar, and you should see stuck keys immediately. You can try pressing each key on the keyboard, to check that each records presses, then releases when you release the key. The Shift keys will do the same when you press and release each one.
(I hope that the sticking shift key does not interfere with getting the keyboard viewer to appear, but I suppose it's possible, too.)
If the keys are sticking because of debris underneath the key, or something sticky, you can sometimes get a fix by inserting paper strips underneath the edge of the key, moving back and forth, in and out.
If that doesn't change anything, try tapping on the key firmly, repeating 5 or 10 times. That may release the key.
Still no change? Replace the keyboard. If it is in warranty, that should be a good repair (assuming no liquid residue or damage)
If no warranty, the cost will depend on which model you have.