accounts disable email clients!


Membrum virile
Yesterday, my suddenly stopped working. One bounce in the dock, and then nothing. No error message, nothing showing up in the Console.
Trying to access my email, I set up a new account for it in Entourage. Presto! Entourage now also quits immediately after launching!
I have seen messages in another forum that lead me to believe that other people are experiencing the same problem. I wonder just how widespread it may be.
Oh yeah, running OS X.1 (5G64) on a 350Mhz slot-loading iMac w/ 768MB of RAM.
Eudora 5.1b16 is happy as a clam. No probs I didn't have back in 10.0.x.

10.1-G4/400 Powerbook & 10.1-G4/400/AGP
Very odd. I am once again able to access my account, but only through Eudora. remains totally nonfunctional, quitting upon launch every time.
I had a similar problem with once, and removing my information from the mail folder (~/Libary/Mail/) did fix it. However, I was then able to reenter my account information and it has run smoothly ever since.

As for entourage, I noticed that b12xx crashes whenever it tries to retrieve the folder list from an IMAP account (at least on my computer and one other), but in b1302 this problem is fixed.