Mac g$ quicksilver processor upgrade and firmware update???...



Have a Power Mac G4 Quicksilver 2001 800mhz Dual...

Want to upgrade processor to a OWC ENCORE ST G4 1.6G SG4KG-1600-B01 Apple PowerMAC Upgrade CPU Processor...

Was suggested that I update the firmware from apple boot ROM version 4.2.5 to version 4.2.8...But when I try to update, I get the following message:
"This version of the Power Mac G4 Firmware Updater is for use with specific Power Mac G4 models and
will not run on this computer"

Even Apple's own article about this 4.2.8 update says that the Quicksilver does not need this firmware update...

What is the best way to upgrade the processor card in this machine???...Advice Much Appreciated...Thanks...
That's correct - when I look at the great Mactracker app, it shows that the Quicksilver does not have any Apple firmware updates. It's too new to need that update.
Some G4s need the firmware, some do not. Yours is one that does not need an update to Apple's firmware.
All you should need is the Sonnet firmware updater (Sonnet has that software here: ) and install the upgrade processor card.
Follow the instructions that come with the upgrade processor, and ignore the suggestion to update Apple's firmware.