Mac Mini HDD upgrade?

Paul C

I upgraded my internal cd drive on my mac mini to a pioneer dvd writer this weekend but also need to upgrade my HDD cos 40gb is nowhere near enough space, I've got an external 120gb caddy but I wanna upgrade my internal HDD, is 100gb the biggest drive I can install? also what sort of drive do I need to get? will it take any laptop drive? :confused:

Thanks in advance!
'... will it take any laptop drive?' - it does take laptop hard disk drives, hdd. Also known as - ATA/6 2.5 inch hdd.

'100gb the biggest drive I can install?', check 'Google', 'PriceGrabber', etc.

'... also what sort of drive do I need to get?', (almost) any ATA/6 2.5 inch hdd. However, if Hitachi makes their 2.5 inch hdd's, as they do their 3.5 inch hdd's ...
My Mini's HDD died recently and I am installing a new one into mine as well. Because I replaced the RAM and the DVD Drive, my warranty will not cover it. Which I think sucks because the drive is bad and they should but I digress.

Your optoins are pretty limited right now for the 2.5" laptop drives that work in the mini.

It's pretty much either a 40, 60, 80 or 100. And the 60 is the only one thats really affordable. The 100's are outrageous in cost (some run over $250 USD!).

Mine came with an 80 originally, but I opted for the 60 because it was under $60. And I have an external drive I put most of my content on.

I say for the money get yourself an external for more storage. It's fast and it's more flexible in the long run.
$255 is way too much for an internal drive imho. you could get a 250 gig firewire or usb2 for under $200 and not have to install it in the machine. jmpo.
I replaced my drive wednesday night when I got back from seeing Serenity. The new HDD was sitting on my porch (soaked from the rain) but the contents were clean and dry.

Install was easy, but a little painful due to the odd screw placement on the flimsy plastic HDD install frame in the Mini.

Note... once you have booted off your install DVD, run Disk Utility and formatted the drive, reboot or the installer will not recognize the new HDD.

Took me a few hours to get it running and customized and everything reinstalled but its working like a champ now.