Mac Mini Intel core 2 duo for Garageband?


I want to buy a Mac for my son that plays guitar so he can start playing with recordings etc. in Garageband. I don't want to buy the top notch Mac Mini until I know he likes it and will use it.

So my question is if a older Mac Mini core 2 duo with maybe some extra RAM will do the job? Will it be strong enough for Garageband?

Many thanks!
Sure, any core2duo mini will be good with Garageband.
Consider maxing out the RAM - don't get stuck in a "maybe some extra RAM" attitude... :D
There's no downside to having more memory.

There's 3 different generations of the mini with Core2Duo processors.
The oldest can be upgraded to 3GB - all the newer Core2Duo can use up to 8GB.
Even the old one can have 4GB installed, it just won't recognize over 3GB. And, 4GB (2 x 2GB) even if only 3 is used, will give a slight performance advantage from the matched pair.