mac mini replacement Recovery disks ?


I have lost my recovery disks for my Mac mini, who do i need to speak to to get a replacement set. I can provide pictures of my mini if you think i am trying to rip someone off, just could really do with the disk as i've messed up lots of things :(

If any one else can help with disk then polease contact me



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No one but Apple can give you a legitimate, legal set of replacement disks for your mini. Be polite and persistent on the phone to get past those dumb level 1 techs and actually talk to someone who can help.



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You need to call the number I posted in the last post, 1-800-MY-APPLE, and explain your situation to them. They may or may not offer to ship you a replacement set of disks, depending on whether or not this falls under the warranty or not.


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that's the Apple store number, elbiablo ... that would be faster from AppleCare. If you are in US, 1-800-275-2273 (the last digits should match 'apl-care').
If you are outside US, go to and select your country, then look at the support tab to see the correct phone number. Have your Mac's serial number ready. They should be able to help you :)


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One way or the other, it's very simple to get the correct number by calling any Apple number. They'll be happy to redirect you to the appropriate department.