MAC Noobie, In need of major help!


Hey Guys,

I found this website through google and it looks like it can be a real life saver! I'll definitley come back to this with questions and comments.. Anyway for the question at hand.

I'm new to the Mac world, and Recently (today) a friend of mine gave me his PowerBook G4 free of charge which is totally awesome, As I went exploring my new Mac and the new operating system I deleted the folder with his name "Bob" because I wanted my name (Greg) to show up instead, It was on the home icon... After that I decided i wanted a fresh start, I don't need his crap on my new computer hehe So i put in the grey disk (Mac OS X) and Double clicked the install button, it warned me I had to restart the computer, I did this WHILE I was updating some software off the internet (itunes update, etc) Then the computer just restarted before the update could finish, So i go to turn it back on and now I am stuck at the "Login Window Starting" screen :( , are there any commands like ctrl, alt, delete I can punch in, in order to get aroudn this blockade - and I just want to reformat basically - If anyone wanted to help me I will be up all night... I will be extremly grateful - Please reply to this thread, or better yet IM me on AIM : MegaAggroCrag

Please help!

Thanks in advance....

Greg Stevens


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Insert the grey CD that says "Software Restore" and then restart the computer. Immediately after restarting, hold down the 'c' key and keep it held down until you see the grey Apple logo.

This will boot the Software Restore CD and you can reformat and reinstall from there.


Oh shit yea!! haha I am now currently erasing the old OS X and reinstalling a new one - I'll keep you updated!, thanks so much bro...


There are lots of key commands that do different things when starting up, like holding down the mouse button ejects the cdrom, along with the eject key (usually marked as F12 on laptops). Control + Option + P + R - hold for 3 restarts - resets PRAM. S for single user mode. Just tons of things like that. Welcome to the Mac world btw, its the best OS out there, (next is FreeDOS IMO). - Read my switch story here: I'm the user with the ANTI-DHL picture about 3/4's way down the page... or it could be on page 3 I don't know how the forum system works.