Mac OS 10.8.2: How do I close a window without opening it first?


Firstly, thanks in advance for your help. I have Mac OS 10.8.2. I sometimes browse websites that I don't want certain people in my family to see (As you'd expect from any typical 20 something male) Does anybody know a way that I can CLOSE a browser window (or any window for that matter) without having to OPEN the bloody thing first?

I can't tell you how many times I've sneakily attempted to close a browser window, only to end up OPENING it first, completely exposing the very thing I was trying to hide in the first place! I love Apple, but they are sodding idiots for not making this easier.

Thank you! And happy posting :}
-Exposed in Edinburgh
In order to understand the problem, I need a bit of a clarification. How are you closing the browser window? Are you clicking on the red button/dot at the top left? Or are you hiding the entire browser using control + h ?

Is it loading the page first before the window closes?
The only way that your question makes sense, is when you minimize a window (and the window goes to the dock)
You can't (easily) close a minimized window, without opening it first.

So, the simple answer is (when prowling around through "Pørn" sites), don't minimize your "special" windows !
And then your sneaky method to close a window, is to hit Command-W, or just click the red (close) dot. The window does not need to be in front to click the close button.
Or, you can hit Command-Q, which is the shortcut to quit the Application that's in front. Quitting the browser will also quit minimized windows for that browser.

Use a separate account on your Mac (create one just for this purpose), with a password that you don't choose to give to anyone else.
Log out of that user account when you are "finished"
That will make it more challenging for the casual "other family member" to check on you.
Or, you could use another web browser that no one else in your household uses, such as Chrome, or Opera, or OmniWeb, or one of the dozen or so other web browsers.

Finally, if you are that easily embarrassed - maybe it's time to look for a new hobby :D