Mac OS 8 on iBook?

The first iBook (2000) can run 8.6 or above.
iBook (Dual USB) - 9.1
Late 2001 - 9.2.1
biff1of1 said:
8.5 probably
As bobw accurately pointed out, the oldest white iBook, called the Dual USB model, 500MHz, will not load or boot a system older than Mac OS 9.1
Well I bought the thing with no OS but the vendor stated it had 9 on their, not sure if it was 9.1 though. How can I get 9.1 on their? Don't I have to first install OS 9 to be able to install any of the updated versions?
If you want to run Classic, you should install 9 first. That book will run OSX very nicely, although Tiger is not officially supported. If you have original OSX install disks, you won't need to have 9 installed (but won't have access to Classic).