Mac OS 9 as Burger King Game Machine


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I am at Burger King today. My daughter wants to go play in the indoor play area, since we were not in a hurry I let her go in and play. I walk back in the room and the guy working there says... "Hey, Ill fire up the game machines". Fine, no problem. I hear this "boing" and think, that sounds like a Mac. I turn around to this rather child-fun game touch-screen kiosk thingy and it's booting OS 9, they had two of them. Comes up and has about 10-15 games on each one for kids to do using a touch screen, a camera and what not.


Anyhow... got a good laugh out of that one. Now if only I could get some of those games and run them on my Mac at home, my daughter would love me. :)
I also noticed some custom industrial Mac machines in the form of ultrasound devices when my wife was still pregnant with each of ouyr boys. Every time they would do some sort of command, I heard that familiar Mac OS 9 Default Beep. I had to ask myself, "Was this a Mac in disguise??" Further investigation confirmed my suspicions when I saw the ADB port icons on the back of the CPU portion of the ultrasound device. Seems like it was some sort of specialized Mac clone integrated into the ultrasound system. Made me feel good that a Mac was showing me the early pictures of my boys... :)
Lasy summer when I was in France I noticed a whole bunch of internet kiosks by France Telecom that ran MacOS 9
The American Museum of Natural History in New York used to (might still) have some Evolution-themed kids games set up on Mac-based touch-screen kiosks. I first saw them about 10 years ago, running on System 7. I remember one of the games was called Hominid Hunters. It was very similar in style (and topic) to a publically available Mac game of the time called Food Chain, so I assume they were made by the same person/company (never verified that, though).

Can't find any info about either online right now, though. Bummer. They were cool.

Macs were used in a lot of touch-screen kiosks back then, (maybe because some of the clone manufacturers were more welcoming to that kind of thing than Apple). I imagine the BK kiosks are probably ooooold. Although if it's running OS 9, it probably shipped with it, since I doubt they'd bother upgrading. Who knows?