Mac OS X 10.4.11 only working in Safe Mode


That video points to a display problem or cable problem. Open it up snd make sure all dust is out and maybe the video card died!
I checked the video cable, and I looked around a bit more and it means the GPU is dead/dying.
This makes sense, actually for these reasons:
1. It worked in Safe Mode but not in a normal boot. Safe Mode would likely disable the graphics drivers.
2. The hardware ID program reported all x's for the graphics ROM.
3. Leopard didn't work, and it had a bit more graphically intense requirements.
4. The black bars made me think of a rendering error.
It could also be bad VRAM, but either way I need a new logic board as just the display, modem, AirPort, storage drive, optical drive, and RAM are removable - the CPU, GPU, and VRAM are all soldered.
I found a replacement though for $50 on eBay.