Mac OS X Bootable USB that can be booted on Windows 8?



Is it possible to make a Mac OS X Bootable USB that can be booted on Windows 8?
I have iATKOS_ML2 for Mountain Lion and am attempting to Triple boot OSX, Windows 8 and 7
I have already sucessfully dual booted windows 8 and seven, and have downloaded the iATKOS Mountain Lion dmg file - I can covert the dmg to iso if required.

All I need to do is boot from a 1TB hard disk and I will do the rest.

If you can find any triple boot tutorials, feel free to post it here.


Thanks for helping!
You don't need the "iATKOS_ML2" when installing Mountain Lion on Apple hardware
What model Mac are you trying to do the triple boot?

Have you not searched anywhere for your answers?

If you are doing this on non-Apple hardware - testing or not - you are doing an install of OS X that is not supported by the license. We can't help you here with setting up a hackintosh.
But, I can suggest that other sites do have information about that.
Folks often set up a Mac to triple-boot to Windows, OS X, and Linux (or other OSes)

Why not just try searching for "Triple boot OS X and Windows"
Amazingly enough - there's some (helpful) results, for example:

hint: the third boot could be a different Windows system, rather than Linux
Thanks for your reply,

I have searched everywhere and your tutorial is installing windows and Linux on a mac, not installing Mac on windows.
Ah, well, you can't install "Mac on windows", the two operating systems are not compatible with each other.
(that's not strictly true, as you COULD install OS X on Windows through a virtual machine - but you'll have to search that out for yourself)
And, you exaggerate just a bit, when you say that you have "searched everywhere" - there's a LOT of information.
You just haven't figured out the correct search terms to use, such as this:
Install OS X on Windows - which will lead you here:
OR, better yet, "Install OS X on non-Apple PC" - which, in turn, leads you here:

and here:

And, for the most comprehensive info, here:

That's pretty much as far as I can go, sir.
Please do your best to avoid misleading folks here.
We just aren't allowed to provide direct support for installing OS X on hardware that is not part of the OS X license.
There ARE a number of other sites that specialize in that information - but this is not one of them.