Mac OS X on iMac DV 400?


Hello all,

I'd love to upgrade my home system to OS X, but I'm not sure how solid it would be on my iMac. Does anyone have OS X running on an equivilant machine? If so - how's it running (ie, speed - window redraw, etc.) Thanks for any input.

iMac DV 400 G3
384mb RAM
30 gig 7200 hard drive
standard ATI 8mb VRAM 128 card
Works fine for me on my iMac DV-SE 500 with 256mb of memory so it should work fine on your 400. I would recommend making sure you have at least 256mb if you want snappy performance however.
I have been running OS X ever since it came out, and have not encountered any problems, speed or otherwise. Sure, some things are noticeably slower than in OS 9, but, for me at least, far from unbearably slow. I also have an iMac DV 400, although with less ram (only 192 MB) and a smaller HD (10 GB).