Mac OSX 10.1 Server?

Hey, just to let you all know, Mac OS X Server version 10.1 is done. It is much faster and fixes some issues with the Samba services and some other services. Plus it's really, really fast. I like some of the visual changes they made. So my guess is they will release it at the same time as the 10.1 client is released. We shall see.

I don't think you're thinking of this right -- Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server are two, separate software packages. Mac OS X costs a little over $100. Mac OS X Server costs a little under $1000.

Mac OS X server is basically the desktop Mac OS X version with a LOT of server stuff built into it, like a full-featured mail server (not, like in Mac OS X) as well as the ability to sort users and groups until your heart's content.

Two different things. Two different pieces of software.