Mac Osx And Windows Media Player 9

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How do I uninstall Windows Media Player 9 from my Mac OSX?

I've read that other application may fail over time if WMP files are removed... which I have already done. What to do next?

Most of the problems stem from a shared font the WMP 9 shared with Office. So clearing the font cache is a big help. You do this by doing a Safe boot in OS X. Then going back into your regular account. Then there is always the trusted Disk Utility "Repair Permissions" should always be used. This will help OS X out as part of the preventative maintenance routine.
The following are the directions Bob provided that appears to have solved my problem:

Make sure the files you want to trash are on your Desktop.

Then use the Terminal command, type;

cd ~/.Trash
hit return

Then type;

sudo rm -rf

put a space after the f and drag the item you want deleted to the terminal so that its path is automatically entered, then press return

give it your admin password and hit return
Bobw - Tech Support

Perhaps, by posting this here, Bob at Tech Support can move onto the next issue.

Thanks again Bob.

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