Mac Panther Mail 1.3.11


I have set up additional email accounts with my DSL in order to have a seperate one for my son and my school business. I can get the accounts set up in MAIL but cannot figure out how to access any of them other than my main, original email.

I found info on the net about selecting seperate inbox but that option is NOT in my preferences.

Another wierd thing, when in MAIL help on my mac, when I tell it to open MAIL for me, it says it can't as that is not available. However, I am using it so I don't know what gives with that.

Tech level - better than average but not much. New to OSX, but not new to MACs.

Please help, I really like the MAIL app, I've been using Eudora but I like MAIL much better, if I could only use the seperate accounts!