mac platform livescript prob


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I don't understand the question -- LiveScript is now JavaScript... are you having a JavaScript problem?

Please elaborate greatly -- you're being WAY too vague. What Macintosh do you have? What version of OS X? What browser? What LiveScript? Any particular sites, or all of them? What's the question?


hello there,
thanks for ur interest. ive Imac powerPC G4 (2.1) macosx version 10.3.9... problem is, im trying to play a game called literatti on yahoo and each time giving allert; "the macintosh platform does not support livescript." ive tried all updates etc with java. I don't know what else to do. thanks again.


They've seriously goofed on most of their games. If you just change the user agent in Safari to "Windows MSIE 6.0", all the games play just fine.

Interestingly, you can also play the games if you just ignore the "The Mac platform doesn't support Livescript" window. Keep it open, and just move it to the side. As long as you keep it open, you can play 'til you turn blue in your face wihout a hitch.

I hate this kind of moronic programming. Browser testing is almost always implemented the wrong way: looking for a specific set of browsers, instead of just testing if the browser actually supports the things you need it to support. Who knows what browsers will be available tomorrow, and what feature set they will have?

The programmers responsible for the games on Yahoo seems to be mostly pinheads, doing it the wrong way.