Mac Pro lesson learned


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I had a power out from a server thunderstorm this evening. Then my power went out and came back 25 seconds later. Then when getting to my 2008 Mac Pro(in my signature) that I have to shut it totally off the power went out again for 5 minutes. When the power came back fully my Mac Pro would not boot. I tried the Reset SMC but it still would not boot.

Well after the multiple SMC Resets it still would not boot. Well after some soul searching I remembered a little learned from my friend a couple of years ago. I disconnected my DisplayPort cable going to my monitor and then low an behold the Mac Pro booted right up!!! :)

So if you use the DisplayPort or Thunderbolt Port and can't get your Mac to fully boot, try disconnecting those cables and then try booting up. It might just work for you, YMMV.
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