Mac Pro with no Video


I just put a new video card in my Mac Pro. When I start it up I hear the chime and I get a solid white light on the front. I can hear the drives spinning and it seems to be booting up, however, I get no video. I have tried the other PCIE slot but still nothing. Replaced the riser board that holds the memory but to rust being on some parts of the board. However, when I use the bottom slot I get no chime at all.

Any help would be great.
More information, please!
Are you ADDING a video card to a system that works without that new video card installed (the original video card works?)
Or - replacing a bad card?

Usually, when adding a video gives either no boot tone, or you get a chime, but still no video, it likely means that you are trying a video card that is just not compatible, or perhaps not seated properly (or trying to use the wrong slot). I think graphics cards should only be in either of the bottom two slots, and probably NOT in either of the top two slots.
- so - tell us exactly what brand and model of video card you are trying out?

How does it happen that you have RUST inside your MacPro? If there was some on the riser board, then you should also pull out the logic board, and check carefully for other corrosion, particularly around the processors, and underneath.

Finally - which model of MacPro do you have, and what version of OS X are you running?
It wasn't booting up at all until I replaced the riser board. It booted up with video once. Then a day later the video was gone. So I used a card from a different Mac Pro and it worked. So I thought I would just buy a new one since I had to put that other card back in the other Mac Pro. So i purchased a Power Mac nVidia 256MB GeForce 7800 GT (PCI Express) which I purchased from Which is a Mac site so I assumed that all their products are Apple compatible. The card is seated properly and in the bottom slot (which is where the original card was seated)
I have included a picture of the old riser board. I don't see the same kind of rust, or any really, on the logicboard. But I'm also have some difficulty removing the fan in the front, and the cover around the processors.

View attachment 8378

Thank you in advance.
You need a vid card that should work in a MacPro, and not the GeForce 7800 GT.
It may plug in, but the ROM chip on the card is designed to work with the Open Firmware on a PowerMac G5.
The newer cards for the MacPro have a ROM that is designed to work with the EFI that the MacPro uses.

I don't expect that card will work properly in your MacPro.

Return (or sell) the 7800 GT (unless you also have a late 2005 PowerMac G5, which is what that card is used in.
You need a vid card that is designed to be used in a MacPro, unfortunately the 7800 GT is not one of those.
I think your right. The card I had was for a G5. I ordered a different one that they say is compatible -ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT 256MB PCI Express Video Card

I'll keep you posted.
Thanks for your help & insight.