Mac Sound Not Working (10.6.8)


A Few days ago I'd left my computer on to do something. When I came back, the sound didn't work. I had no idea why, it just didn't.

I then tried to play something with sound with and without headphones on. I've looked at numerous posts and tried 3 or 4 methods, but none of them worked.

Yesterday when I went on a different user/account, I was surprised to discover that the sound was, in fact, working. I went back to my other user, but it was still not working.

The only noise, besides the startup sound that I have heard from my computer was made by steam. Someone messaged me and, as some of you know, it usually make a noise when someone messages you on steam. It still did, and I was trying to figure out why...


In Geostationary Orbit
First Reset Your PRAM on your Mac. Then open System Preferences->Sound and make sure your sound is set to the device you want sound to come out and you haven't accidentally pressed mute on your keyboard.

Lastly look in the application /Applications/Utilities/Audio Midi Setup and make sure it set to fault.