.Mac sync problems


Simply Daemonic
I have added new files to my website, the thing goes through the sync procedure, asks me which files to keep, i select "the files on this computer", and once the sync completes, my website is STILL the same!

My iDisk "sites" folder though shows the new version of my site. Then again the thing tries to sync, it asks me the same question again, I answer it again, then the same result. I've been through this 20 times between now and saturday! argh!

Any ideas ?
Sounds like a cache problem with the browser -- if you manually checked the remote Sites folder and the correct files are there, then you might try clearing the browser cache and trying again, or hitting reload with the Shift or Option key held down (can't remember which one).
If it's Safari, it tends to keep the page in. I have it once in awhile with the cache deactivated even. I've been using Firefox to proof changes (moved an entire section to a different name and had to redo the links).
It's not a cache issue. I have tried it from other browsers, and other computers. And .Mac still says "resolve conflicts" - meaning that syncing is somehow not happening
I have isolated the problem to be a miscommunication/mis-sync of the "sites" folder between the .mac servers and the one on my HD. - trying to fix it now. Before the syncs failed (which I failed to notice)
this is what happened (all fixed by the way)

I had gone to mac.com and went to homepage. I was clicking on a few themes on the page, but I did not select anything. I must have left the process somewhere midway and it was freaking out. Now the sites sync would not work because it would see the old version of my site up, then the new one on the hard drive, and the unfinished one from the mac.com homepage process. I finally created a dummy 'my files' page, that replaced my sites index page (on my HD), once I removed the 'myfiles' index and added back my proper index, synced, all worked fine! yay! now my las vegas photos are up lol :p