Mac Widges useful?



A while ago I installed Tiger with the 'powerful' widget software.
Everyone is very enthousiastic about this, but I just cannot find the 'usefullness' of the widgets. Besides a few 'nice to know' applications like (instant google search) I don't see why people are so hilarious about it.

Can anyone tell me why widges are so usefull and are there articles written with a further explaination about widges?


Richard, Amsterdam
I wouldn't want to make this an Apple advert, but Dashboard is mostly useless unless you have a full-time internet connection. The mini-applications that are the widgets give you a fast way to access a lot of information, but there is nothing that I have seen that can't be accomplished in other ways, usually through a browser. Of course, you have to open the browser, then click on a link, or type in an address, and wait for the page to load, and click on a another link, and then...
With the Dashboard, just click on f12, and any widgets that you have selected come up immediately, with the info, or entertainment that you want. When you are done, press f12 again, and they're gone. Apple has at least 900 widgets available for download which can provide most any data or entertainment you can imagine.

OR, you can ignore Dashboard, and it just sits there.
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