Mac wont finish booting - magnifying glass icon only !


Quicksilver, tiger installed.

User accidentally unplugged the unit while it was in use.

Now upon restart, the computer hangs at the desktop background. Desktop items do not appear, and no menu bar either.

Only thing that does appear is a small blue and white icon of a magnifying glass in the upper right corner ( Where the user name usually appears )

When the mouse is moved over that icon, the beach ball starts spinning. When the mouse is moved off that icon, the beachball goes away.

Used TT4 to rebuid the directory
Restart, same thing .....
Tried Disk Warrior, but it reports the directory is to damaged to repair.

Any suggestions?
UNIX/Mac OS X is very picky about startups and shutdowns -- critical reads and writes to and from the disk are done at these times, and if they're interrupted (or bypassed completely, as in pulling the plug), then it can damage your data beyond repair.

Using HFS+ (Journaled) format on your hard drive can help to prevent damage, but it's not failproof.

If the directory is too damaged to be repaired, then it might be time to erase and re-install Tiger and pull data from your backups.

You do have backups, right?
Update: Was able to finally start up in "Safe Mode" Upon startup it reported that a startup item named "Wacom" ( He has a tablet attached ) had the wrong permissions and was unable to start. Clicked the fix button. Then ran repair permissions.

Restart and everything is fine now. (WHEW - was dreading a OS reinstall, as its a cross platform network with active directory installed )

Thank you for the reply ElDiabloConCaca