Macbook Pro A1286 (early 2011) Osx 10.6.8 Start Problem


MacBook Pro A1286 (early 2011) OSX 10.6.8 start problem
- starts with Apple Logo and Wheel, stops to boot with a white screen
- starts in Safe Mode, stops at 30% with a blue screen
- SMC (System Management Controller) with Battery disconnected
- fsck
tried so far.
Same symptomes with EVERY start volume including system CD, regardless if internal or external (FireWire). All drives boot on an identical machine.
Please no feedback like: Have you connected the AC adaptor, is the battery charged?
It is actually a valid question to ask if there is any difference in the result if you try booting from battery only, or with the power adapter plugged in.
Your post is not clear about that.

Have you tried booting to an external drive with NO internal drive installed? If your internal drive will boot a different Mac (which is what you said), then you can try the normal internal drive in your external case. Try that without any internal drive. Be sure to also remove the SATA cable. If that boots OK, then be sure to try a different SATA cable.
The SATA cables can be quite fragile, and changing connections (replacing hard drive, or just normal troubleshooting) a few times can cause the cable to fail. It's a fairly common failure on those older MBPros.
Finally, if none of that helps you with your problem, then it is likely the logic board, as Cheryl clearly pointed out.
Keep in mind that the known MBPro video problems might affect booting, so that could be part of your issue, too.