MacBook Pro - Connecting to an Airdrive while booted in Windows 7


I've recently purchased an Airport Extreme Router with a G-Drive 2TB drive connected to it. I can connect with no problem while booted on the Mac Side; I can also get my other PC running Windows XP to connect.

My question is - can I connect to this drive from my Mac if I am booted in Windows 7? I have tried to connect and I cannot see the drive; when I try to map it or search for it the network connection I have (my own home network) seems to constantly drop.

Does anyone know if this is possible or the steps to get it to connect? I've downloaded Airport Utility for Windows - but it cannot find the router.

Thank you -



I assume that your drive is formatted HFS+ (Journaled). There are two ways for a Windows computer to see it:
  1. Share the drive through your Mac.
  2. Install MacDrive on your Windows computer.