MacBook Pro failed to startup.


MacBook Pro 13 inch Mid 2012 2.5GHz i5 8GB Memory
OSX 10.9.2

Failed to start up four times. Then started on next attempt. Screen started p with the grey apple. Then went grey and blank. Then the spinning clock appeared. Then it cycled endlessly plain grey screen and spinning clock, every five seconds or so.

Eventually it started correctly, and I found this bit of Console report. Is there a permanent fault? Is there something failing that I need to fix?



There was a lot more, but these are the only sections labelled with a crash.
Did this happen soon after you had updated to 10.9.2? Has there been any change in the display since the crash?

One of the graphics bundles is having a tantrum (in the System>Library>Extensions folder).
The MacBook has been updated to 10.9.2 for a while with no problem. I've started the thing four times since, and it's been OK.

One thing I noticed was a problem with Firefox. I don't use it much, so I didn't open it the first time I got the computer started after the crash. Next time I started the computer, I did open Firefox and it came up with an error message saying something like "Firefox was not closed properly. Quit and reopen" I did and it's OK. I'll keep an eye on it all now and see what happens.
Did it again this morning. Started at the second attempt.

The only oddity, which I may have noticed last time, is that Firefox was odd. It showed it was opened at startup with the icon marked in the dock, but when I clicked the icon Firefox seemed to start from scratch.

I have just upgraded to Firefox 29.0. Let's see if that helps.
The System's security agent did not like something about the intel graphics driver. AppleIntelHDGraphicsGLDriver (in the crash log you had posted) more precisely.
Is it still happening?
I'm wondering did that happen before 10.9.2? Could be either something was updated with the driver, or something needs to be updated in a future update (or - if it keeps happening often, I might even consider running Apple Hardware Test to see if there are any issues with the physical graphics card).
Also, double check your login items. Firefox may be listed to start up at restart.
I updated Firefox and it has done it once since then. But that was straight afterwards at the next start-up. So OK for over a week. The laptop is set up to startup with all windows restored as it was when shut down.
IMHO your intergraded graphics is messing up. If you have AppleCare or an Apple Store near you then you should take it it in have them look at it. Plus do you have an hackies that you did to it in the last year? Also check any older programs that put graphics extensions in your Mac. An older extension might be causing havoc and needs Mavericks/gatekeeper updates.

To check Extension look in your Main Library Folder for the folder Extensions.
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I haven't installed any hackies or any unofficial software. I've just checked the few extensions that I have and they all appear in a list of Maverick extensions that I Googled, so I think everything is OK on the face of it. There are no extensions that are older than the laptop itself. I don't recall copying anything over from an older machine. In fact I made the decision not to do that.

It's still OK at start-up at the moment. If it happens again, I will look in Console again and see if there are any clues.