Macbook pro shutting down after 1/4 into booting up?


i had been using my laptop and hour earlier. Shut it down. Now I boot it up and when the work-in-progress bar is 1/4 way
through it shuts down. I don't have an OSx DVD to boot with. Heard of this before?
If you see a progress bar when you first boot, that usually means that the previous shutdown was not a normal shutdown.
The presence of a progress bar is not a normal boot, but probably means there was a power interruption - such as a dead battery, for example.
If your MBPro is now shuts down partly through boot, that's often an indication that the hard drive is not passing the boot tests that are performed during a restore boot.
You could try booting to the hardware test, by starting up while holding the letter "D"
If that works, run both the standard, and extended tests.

If you have OS X 10.7 or newer, then you don't need an OS X installer DVD at all. Booting to the recovery partition is all you need.

Do you know what version of OS X you have installed on your MBPro?