Macbook pro won't boot.

Nico Hargreaves

So my somewhat heavy handed house mate has a macbook pro, after a heavy handed reaction the machine has restarted, failing to boot OSX Mavericks. After many failed attempts he has resided to acceptance of the hard drive failing and has since bought another which has windows installed on it. This also will not boot (my mac knowledge is limited, but isn't this to be expected?).

I am a PC user operating with windows 7. Is there any way I can create some sort of bootable media for the macbook from my laptop?

OS not important however he is interested in running Ubuntu.
Hard drive failure does not mean get a new laptop unless it is a really old piece of equipment.

That new replacement running windows that does not boot...take it back to where he bought it from.
Yes he could do that for a while but the hard rive has since deteriorated further, besides he thought it a wise move to delete his backup partition
Nico, the laptop may be reparable - take it to a real technician. If you want to replace something, I suggest you start with your house mate.
Wait . . . hold on . . . did he put in a HD with Windows on it and wonders why it will not boot?

He might as well have installed a slightly damp blind oyster.