Macbookpro Does Not Boot (retina 13", Late 2013, Sierra Os)



Yesterday I was not able to start my MacBookPro because it booted too long time 5 minutes.
I switched it off and booted it with Verbose Mode pressing Command+V.

What did I see during the boot.

/BuildRoot/Library/Caches/ Compression-
88/Common/ChunkCompression.cpp:310: /usr/libexec/kextd: expected size 1077360237, found 165661

/BuildRoot/Library/Caches/ Compression-88/Common/ChunkCompression.cpp:310: /usr/libexec/hidd: expected size 3305132546, found 5109

Help me please.


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If those lines are all you see, and just continue to repeat, and does not finish booting, then a couple of questions:
Has this happened before? (failed to boot)
Are you using File Vault?

I think a good next step (and is something I would do), is boot to the recovery system (Restart, holding Command-R)
Open Disk Utility, and run Disk First Aid on your drive.
If that passes, with no errors, reinstall OS X. That reinstall will be on top of what you have now. You won't lose any of your own files or apps that you have added to your system, it will just reinstall macOS.
Hopefully, the reinstall will clear up your problem.
I watched to youtube at the evening and suddenly the keyboard stopped responding. I switch MacBook off for this reason and since the next boot I see the lines.
These lines are not all that I see during a boot. They started after approximately a half of boot and continue without stopping. Each second two these lines are added.

I am not using Fire Vault or I am not sure what it is.

I checked file system "Macintosh HD" with Recovery and Disk utility. There were couple of orphaned files but Disk Utility repaired them.

I will try to reinstall MacOs from the Recovery. I'll report the issue after. Thanks!
You should also try to run your hardware Diagnostics test.
Restart, while holding the D key. You will boot to the hardware test. It may complete, with no problems. Or, might display one or more error codes.
Come back with any error codes that you get.