richard jarvis

I was clearing out Mailboxes of unwanted files yesterday,moving the cursor around the screen to move down through a Mailbox, and the familiar appearance of the Mail Inbox/Sent/Trash/Mailboxes etc suddenly altered without my having touched the Preferences or deliberately altered any of the settings. Take for example the Inbox...Instead of a small box where new mail items appear which when clicked open to be read there is now a full screen page, white and blank, on which new mail items sidebar. When clicked they do not open unless double clicked. I have tried every button on the Mail screen which might have caused the change to try to reverse it to the original presentation but nothing works and I can find no choice in the Preferences which has any effect either. Help!

(A long time since I used the site; cannot find out how to connect to the Tech support now where I used to load details of the computer etc before putting my question. Is this the right place now?)


I think you may have accidentally double-clicked the divider on the email list window, which will result in the horizontal divider bar "retracting" to the bottom of the screen, and leave you with just the list of emails, but no apparent way to just click once on a message, and read it on the screen without double-clicking to open a separate message window.

Launch your Mail.
Look carefully at the bottom edge of the Mail window. You SHOULD see a small dot in the center of the bottom edge. If you move your mouse to that bottom edge of the Mail window, you should be able to move the divider up the screen. That divides the mail list from the mail message viewing window. Drag the divider to a position that you prefer.
And, you should be back to your normal mail window.

richard jarvis

Brilliant! Totally brilliant. Yep, that is exactly what I must have done. Pulled the divider back up and all is normal. So very grateful for your help. Many, many thanks. Always so simple when you know how!!